PicLens – my new lens to browse rich media on the web

I have a new addiction these days – browsing the web using PicLens – if you don’t know what it is, it is a browser plug-in that enables you to view rich content (such as photos and videos) on the web in an immersive way.

I was introduced to one of their co-founders last November ’07 and that’s how I came to know about it – at that time it only had the ability to browse photos – but more recently they added Youtube integration to search and watch videos – the quality of videos is not matching up to PicLens cool factor but the experience is way better than browsing Youtube directly. Now I exclusively use PicLens to view photos and videos online, now this result has an interesting implications: picLens is showing us a new way to navigate the web – as the technology matures and gets adopted for other types of content (I’m thinking local/maps), it starts disrupting the existing/known browsing models on the web (as a result disrupts the concept of page views, ads and so on…). That would be very interesting to see.

If they deliver up to their “mantra” of “think beyond the browser”, which they have been so far, it is going to change the way we experience the web – and I must confess, PicLens is one of those companies that I make me wonder why I did not start that company 🙂  

Internet browsers that helped us understand the “Web” are already coming in our way to experience and realize the full potential of the Web. The world wide web is a much deeper and more richer than what our current browsers can show us; and for now, PicLens is my way of realizing that.

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