4 billion store visits and counting…

Online to offline measurement is a hard problem; and I’m really excited to see how far we have come…

As we continue to evolve our measurement technology with new strides in machine learning, mapping technology and survey quality, we are able to increase the number of store visits we can report while still achieving that same high bar for accuracy you’ve come to expect.

New measurement innovations unlock more store visits data

What’s your ETA?

Incredibly proud of the team for getting this out – a feature that I so wish existed like, yesterday! 🙂

“Where are you now?” and “What’s your ETA?” Whether you’re heading to a party or meeting up for dinner, you probably hear questions like this pretty often from family and friends. Soon Google Maps users worldwide will be able to answer those questions in just a few taps, without ever leaving the app. On both…

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The Dealmap gets Scobleized!

Robert Scoble on his blog this morning:

“why did I say these are more important than Foursquare or Gowalla or the other companies in this space? Well, normal people are still resisting using these location services. But these [The Dealmap & Goby] offer REAL utility and REAL value…”
You can also see my full interview in the video below:
Thanks Robert! I love the fact that you and Maryam love The Dealmap!