What are you doing this holidays?

So, the big question these days is what are your plans for the holidays, I say, nothing much, planning to hit code complete on for a couple of interesting features :), and plan fun things to do with 2Hs and T… 

As an an online planning company, we want to make holiday planning easy and simple for you – so we even created a holiday planning center to pull all relevant content from different sections of our site. In this context, couple of days ago I came across a blog post by Isabel Adams that talked about how Center’d saved her time in getting her friends together for the holidays. In that post she said:

I absolutely hate planning things. Overwhelmed by the flurry of overlapping text messages (I’m more of a texter than a caller), the decisions of where to go and what to do, and the question of when everyone can hang out, I go crazy. Clearly, I should not consider event planning as a future career.

With Christmas Break approaching, I decided to look into potential ways to get my old group of friends together AND maintain my sanity. That led me to Center’d, an online planning tool centered on “people, places, and plans.”…

That’s precisely the reason why we created our tool set: from sign-up sheets to task lists to online invitations to place and time voting – we just want you to organize and plan things and keep your sanity – then Isabel continues and says:

Just by logging on I’m given suggestions for where to go or what to see! Plus, if I need to fall back on my tried-and-true locations, I can save them in my “Favorites” section for easy access in the future. Center’d also provides searches for holiday-themed events, has ready-made plans to help you through stressful situations (like finding gifts for everyone on your list), and allows you to “explore” your neighborhood and find restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and other businesses you might not have known about before.

There, in that simple paragraph, she summarized how discovery is a core part of making plans. And that’s why we are tagging all things interesting to bring you places wherever we find them: from romantic places in San Francisco to fun places in Chicago to expensive places in New York – and of course, we also have my all time favorite Cafe Iberico Chicago on our site too 😉

So, what are your plans for the holidays?

Whatever they are, make sure to plan well and be sure to have fun – happy holidays!

Photo credit: jmtimages

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