New release update on Center’d

We had a new release this morning on Center’d that included a set of new planning utilities as well as a number of upgrades to the existing features.


A detailed post on our official blog from Jen is up tonight. Obviously as a “local geek” and a former mapping guy, I would like to highlight the local search updates that Jen talked about:


“We also made some improvements to our local search to help you find the right places and service providers for whatever you might be looking for at this time of year (for our family, it was an orthodontist). Our search now combines aggregate ratings from across the web with the information and tags you and your friends have made on Center’d to provide even more relevant results.  If you are a Center’d member, do a search and you will see higher rankings for the places you and your friends have saved.  Want to make the results even better?  Save and tag the places you like.  I have saved everything from our pediatrician to our favorite car wash to help other people more easily find things they might like too. Give it a shot by connecting to a Center’d team member, and check out some of the places we like.”


Bringing local search into an actionable form is what we do at Center’d – in future you will see how we are going to integrate the personalized (or social) local search into planning tools in a more cohesive way. In the mean time, I would love it if you can give our planning tools and our search a try and send us feedback!


Chandu Thota

Co-Founder & CTO


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