Fatdoor is Center’d!

If you have been watching the blogosphere there were a number of blog entries that talked about the demise of fatdoor and how we are going away from local space. It’s amusing to see people speculate about who we are and what we are doing. But some folks did get it right.  

The reality is that there are a couple of changes in the product name and the a little bit of execution (specifically about the way we wanted to connect people using whitepages data) from the old fatdoor days – mostly driven by the private alpha testing and our user feedback. More details on that are on the fatdoor blog and on the center’d blog.

Now, coming back to the point of we getting out of local: to set things straight, we are not getting out of local, if anything we are enhancing the local offering in multiple ways – to give you a little more detail, in more technical terms, we built fatdoor as a pure spatial index based system – now with center’d we take it a step further by extending the spatial index and coupling it with temporal index. What does it mean for our users? a well integrated system that gives ability to switch modes seamlessly from spatial (space based) to temporal (time based) while running our utility based applications. And one of those apps, the planning application, is being covered by TechCrunch this week.

But to tell you the truth, I’m flattered with the attention that is being paid to what we do 🙂 but please stay tuned as I discuss more details on the applications and the sub-systems that we are building in coming days. And yes, also please sign-up for an invitation if you haven’t already – we are very close to sending invitations.

3 thoughts on “Fatdoor is Center’d!”

  1. Im really looking forward to joining center’d. I’ve been following up on Fatdoor since a while back and I think you are definetely in the right direction to own local conversations. Manuel MolinaCabo San Lucas, Mexico

  2. Hi Chandu,How is this any different from evite.com?I’m all for your success, but honestly I think you need to look at your competition. essentially you are competing with Facebook! These are massive sites, and I don’t see you getting traction here.The first thing you do on your site is create an event and invite friends to it…my first port of call for that is facebook, where ALL of my friends are already. An facebook does this very well already. Next step is evite.com IF ANY.I think you are going into a massive red ocean. The idea you have is not unique. You have such a good design team, i think you need to put it to use with a very unique idea. I would advise stop trying to compete with facebook (like it or not, fatdoor was a competitor to facebook as well)I’m looking forward to Techcrunch’s write up this week.Best of luck though.

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