Am I going to Google?

In response to my blog entry this morning, I got a bunch of emails asking me if my new employer is Google.

Just like Microsoft, Google is a great company to work for – but – I’m not joining Google. I’m joining a much much smaller (only in size) startup company.

I will be writing more about what I will be doing in near future but for sure we will be embracing Microsoft platforms in a big way (including Microsoft Virtual Earth! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Am I going to Google?”

  1. Good Luck to you Chandu, and your employeer is very lucky indeed. I left MS in Dec, Jim and you left and unfortunately that is probably not the “3” they always talk about I am sure many more are to follow.

  2. Best of luck Chandu!Just don’t forget about the “little guy”. Safari users, Opera users, users with disabilities, or users who have to use screen readers…. they want their web content too — don’t forget about them!-Stephen Stchur

  3. The assumption everyone leaving MS would be joing G is downright idiotic. I personally think G Maps and their coveraged vs MS VE suckslet alone G attitude as a company that I find much like that of SUN at OMG CORBA meetings. Arrogance comes always has an end.Add to this the patents that G made its money on (not theirs, overture’s)plus the Yahoo they got their first big deals inked on.Dude good luck on doing something novel not joining the herds of those that think they are the heaven of bliss . Real innovators build new things not join some communes with DDS and kindergarden on site.

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